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Box 14 Bison Level 6

Dec 15, 2013

Work continues on in Box 14, and some of the bison bones in the center of the deposit are in process of removal.  This image shows: a tibia (1) that was removed Saturday, a...

A male turkey tarsometatarsus

Nov 21, 2013

Fresh out of the ground in Box 14, and just in time for Thanksgiving, we found the upper part of a right tarsometatarsus (lower leg bone) of an extinct California turkey, Meleagris...

Juvenile horse mandible

Nov 9, 2013

Now that SVP is over, we are back to digging in Box 14.  One significant discovery from the past couple days is this fragment of a juvenile horse mandible.  We recovered another fragment...

SVP Preparation

Oct 25, 2013

We have been busy lately preparing for visitors to our museum from the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology's Annual Meeting that is happening next week in Los Angeles.  Shown here, the...

Pit Wear in Box 13

Oct 9, 2013

The saber-toothed cat femur on the left is currently being excavated in Box 13.  The damage to its surface is not from a scavenger but is called "pit wear."  The large grooves...

Millipede Legs

Sep 22, 2013

This is an image of a section of millipede that was excavated in box 1 from hard asphaltic sandy matrix.  Upon close inspection, some of its tiny legs are still attached to its body and may...

Box 1 Plant and Insect

Sep 14, 2013

These are some nice specimens that we have discovered in box 1 excavation recently:

1. seed

2. plant and twig mass

3. impression of small beetle (top) and millipede (bottom)...

Juvenile Dwarf Pronghorn Dentary

Jul 13, 2013

Recently found while cleaning bulk matrix from deposit 1 in the lab, this is a dentary of a juvenile dwarf pronghorn, Capromeryx minor.  It is probably the youngest pronghorn...

A Month into Box 13

Jun 27, 2013

After a month of digging in Box 13 we have almost completed one level (25cm) and it has continued to be a deposit packed with many fossils. The above image shows what we are working on this week...

Freshwater Limpet

Mar 18, 2013

We are excited about a new addition to the list of species recovered from Project 23. Our first record of the freshwater limpet Ferrissia walkeri was found in the matrix from a sloth...


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