La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Bird Skull!

Uncleaned skull with highly asphaltic matrix
Cleaned bird skull

Recently, an in-tact bird skull (not yet identified) was found in box 14.  This is a rare find because 1. skulls are fragile and 2. most bird skulls have a "hinge" that attaches the beak to the skull that is easily broken.

Welcome to the New Website!

We want to introduce and welcome everybody to our newly-designed website.  If you ever looked at the last incarnation of the site, you know it was, um, a little out of date.

We think you'll be happy with what we've done. There are videos, beautiful photography, an interactive map of Hancock Park, a little history, a tip of the hat to the excavators and scientists who came before us, and descriptions of our collections and exhibits.

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