Cataloging Project 23

Cataloging Project 23

Feb 27, 2012

Although we have probably excavated over 16,000 bones from Project 23, there is a backlog of preparation, identification, cataloging, and databasing all of this material. This is specimen number P23-10,001. It is a proximal anterior rib of Clyde; a semi-articulated camel from Box 5B (Camelops hesternus). Clyde’s skull and lower jaws were also found and are currently still being prepared in the Fishbowl Lab by volunteer Nola.

Camels are not very common at Rancho La Brea. They are only known from about 30 or so individuals. However, Project 23 has already yielded three different individuals; a sub-adult vertebra from Box 1, a baby femur from Box 14 and Clyde.


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