Capromeryx terminal phalanx found in Box 14

Capromeryx terminal phalanx found in Box 14

Feb 16, 2012

Discovered this week in Box 14 by volunteer Beau, this tiny fossil is a terminal phalanx of a juvenile dwarf pronghorn, Capromeryx minor. It's an element that none of us current excavators had ever come across before! In fact, out of all the 602 records of Capromeryx minor in all of the collections here, only seven are terminal phalanges. Within Project 23, there are 40 records of Capromeryx minor so far. Five have been found in Box 14 and indicate at least one adult and one juvenile in that deposit so far. 

Capromeryx minor belongs to the family Antilocapridae, which are pronghorn and native to North America. This family is represented only by a single species today, Antilocapra americana. Interestingly, the extinct dwarf pronghorn is more commonly found at Rancho La Brea.


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